5 Key Submissions Explained That You Need to End Any Match Fast!

Do you want to know which among the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu submissions will let you dominate the competition?

Do you want to find out how the famous Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champions made it to the top?

Then this Jiu Jitsu submissions article will aid you.

Do You Know the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Submissions to Win a Fight?

Learning the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a good way of knowing one of the most famous types of martial arts and best ways of enhancing your physical strength regardless of your size.

To fully learn and master this type of combat sport, you must be able to go through the important factors that constitute it. One of these significant factors that you must understand are the key submissions.

The art’s submissions are classified into two, which are the joint locks and chokes. Although many submissions that involve joint locks are allowed, d’eu no poste hoje some that involve spine, ankle, and knee are restricted in competitions. The main reason for this is that it can cause serious injury. However for the joint locks Brazilian jiu jitsu submissions on ankle, elbow, ankle, or shoulder are not restricted as they are more flexible and safe.

When performing a joint lock submission techniques you have to disengage the body part of your opponent and apply controlled pressure until your opponent can’t break away and signals defeat by tapping.

The other techniques under the submissions are the chokes (blood chokes and air chokes). Blood chokes or strangulation is done by restricting your opponent’s blood flow to his brain, thus your opponent will lose consciousness rapidly without causing any damage to the internal organs. Air choke is done by compressing your opponent’s windpipe. However it is not so effective and can be too dangerous as it can damage your opponent’s trachea and could also result to death.

Here are Some of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Submissions That you Can Apply During the Match to Let you Take Control of the Game…

#1: Rear Naked Choke or RNC – This submission is done by positioning yourself on your opponent’s back and using your arms or clenching hands together to cause choking.

#2: Triangle Choke – This can be performed by encompassing your opponent’s neck and arm using your leg in a form similar to a triangle.

#3: Guillotine Choke – This can be done by positioning yourself in front of your opponent then encompassing your arms around his neck in a manner that is like that of a guillotine.

#4: Armbar or Straight Armbar – This is performed by hyper extending your opponent’s elbow joint by putting his extended arm on the elbow atop a support such as hip, leg, or arm.

#5: Straight Legbar or Knee Bar – In this submission, your posture is similar to the armbar then you hold your opponent’s leg between your arms and legs in such a way that his kneecap is pointed toward your body.

Knowing the most effective submissions that can enable you manipulate the game and force your opponent to “tap out” or submit is substantial for you to win the competition.

These examples of Brazilian jiu jitsu submissions should be mastered and done properly for you to be able to apply it perfectly during the competition.

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However your chances of winning a fight or match increase amazingly when you’ve got a strategy, taught to you by two of the world’s most renowned MMA and Jiu Jitsu fighters and trainers.


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